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About Hot Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping is a very versatile method of printing by heat and pressure. It is used for applying a colored design, logo, text or image onto a wide variety of objects, such as, plastics, paper stocks, and leather surfaces, include:

- Raised letters on molded plastic parts
- Application of low-cost multi-color heat transfer decals
- Foil finishes, including metallic, woodgrains, and holographic images
- Book covers, presentation, materials, and personalization

Hot stamping is best known method of applying a shiny metallic gold or silver finish.

  Method: "Step By Step" stamping process
1) Heating a metal die, to 110-180 degrees.(for reference only)
2) Pull down the handle to press the heated die against a colored foil and the part being printed.
3) The hot stamp is created when the raised surface of the die contacts the foil and transfers the foil's color to the part being printed.