Cubic Transfer, so called 3-D curved printing, enables one to print on any three dimensional surface of any shape. It can handle the whole surface print of complex molding and utterly change the materials' quality feel. People usually perceive the vivid outcome of printing as it is in nature. Hence, patterns replication wood, leopard, jade, marble, etc., will widely apply this technique.

Cubic Transfers' Pattern

The effect of mixing the spurious with genuine will achieve by using the patterns such as marble, metal, waterdrops, leather, stones, wood, etc. The product will revalue largely after processing.

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Cubic transfer can be used widely in the industry of automobiles, electronic devices, furnitures, utilities, interior decorations, etc.

Automobile Accessories
-Control panel, Display panel, Tissue box, Cup holder, Tape rack, Car lock, etc.

Electronic Devices
-Telephone, Mobile, VCR, Mouse, Keyboard, Clock, Hair dryer, Camera, etc.

-Sofa, Tea table, Cupboard, Lamp, Ashtray, Vase, Decoration, etc.

-Picture frame, Jewelry box, Dinning wear, Pen or Pencil, Pen holder, Cosmetic case, Brush handle, Rack, etc.

Interior Decorations
-Door, Floor, Window frame, Fibre wall, etc.

With continuous investment on both equipment and facility, Kobo printing technique has outranked the other printer, making the product more appealing.

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Cubic Transfer's catelogue

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