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Water Transfer Paper can be used on diecast toys, porcelain ware, glass, wood,plastic, metal, virtually anything you can imagine! And virually on any surface-flat, round, irregular or curve .
Water transfer Paper-Working Procedure
- No skill or machine required
- Fast, convenient and easy to use
- Low cost
- Fast turnaround time
- Photo quality imprint

1.Cut out the fraphic you want.
2.Immerse the paper in water. In about 30 sec.the fixing paper will absorb enough water and can be separated from the transparency
3.Hold the paper (two layers together) and transfer it to the surface of your substrate. Shift the paper a little bit. Use your finger to hold the transparency in position. Pull and shift the fixing paper away slowly. Shift and fix the transparency onto the position you want.
4.Use paper towel or a piece of cloth to squessze the water. Avoid excessive pressure that may shift or danage the transparency.
5. When applying to large area, you may use a plastic squeegee to squeeze the bubble and water away.
6. Idle for about 15 mins. The printed graphic will transfer onto the surface of the substrate. Use a forceps to peel off the transparency (on more use).
7. If there is some residual on the surface, use paper towel or cloth to clean.
8. When dried, place the subject in oven and baked. The baking temperature and curling time various with materials. Please refer to the attached chart for details.

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Water Transfer Paper

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